Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Donkey Rescue

This morning I woke up hearing part of a conversation I wasn't supposed to hear and it went something like this...

Daddy! Come here I have to show you something.
Charli?  What is that?!  Tell me you didn't!  Mommy is going to flip!!!
Dad, it will be okay...I didn't want to throw him away.

Mark comes into the our room and after much insisting he fills me in on the whole thing.

Charli got up at 6:50 this morning, went outside, climbed into the back of her Daddy's pick up truck and rescued the donkey.  She stuck her hand into the hole that was in the trash bag and pulled him out.  She was smart enough to put the dogs on their leashes and walk them so they wouldn't bark when she went outside.

I made Charli go into her room and get me ten things to get rid of in place of the one donkey.  I had her write me a list of five reasons why it was a horrible idea to sneak out of the house while Mommy and Daddy were sleeping, even if it was daylight.  The former worked in my favor, the latter made me mad all over again.  She knew it was wrong and she did it anyway.  In addition to her punishment she will be my personal beck and call clean up crew for the next week.

This weekend I have learned my daughter is more courageous and resourceful than I ever gave her credit for. If this is a preview of what her teen years will be like... I am thinking I need to get my game face on.  In the end it is pretty funny, though I am not going to tell her that just yet.  I had no idea Charli could be so creative and brave. Point Charli...touche'.


  1. I have to tell you right now her Aunt Tracy is smiling and laughing her rear end off, not because she snuck out of the house but rather because she has finally caught up to the antics of her cousins. The child must really love that thing if she went through all that trouble just to get it back. Take it easy on my MP, what would you have done say if someone tossed Humphrey out in the trash...dont say thats different because its not about the circumstance its about the love for the stuffed animal! ( even though she didnt know it was there until you dug it out of its grave on her floor) love you

  2. I still think she is a far cry from the wonderfully rotten antics of my nephew. I had to give her credit...she never lied. She confessed her sins as though she were a catholic school girl. She did give up 10 other toys to save the one so I am good with it. Love you too. It is pretty stinking funny.