Thursday, July 19, 2012

Life lessons from my daughter...

Writing is my outlet and it has been since I was about eleven years old.  When I found out I was pregnant with Charli I started writing her letters.  I have written her a letter every year on her birthday.  I have written her letters on ordinary days as well.  I wrote something several years back when Charli was just around a year old.  Here is my list of....

Everything I Ever Needed To Know I learned From My Daughter...

Cuteness is a redeeming quality at 3 AM.

You can be proud and heartbroken in the same moment.

It is completely possible to survive on two hours of sleep but if done for more than two consecutive nights , you won't be very functional on the third day.

Do whatever works; Dr. Spock doesn't know it all.

If it will make a baby laugh it doesn't really matter how ridiculous you look.

The waitress will forgive you for putting mash potatoes in her pocket if you have a big toothy grin and are less than 3 feet tall.

Time goes by twice as fast once you become a parent.

Watching a baby sleep and listening to them breathe is a great way to reduce stress.

There are things in life we will never be able to the feeling you have when you hold your child.

Sometimes prayers get answered and sometimes they don't.  We should be thankful in both instances, even if the latter is only in hindsight.

Magic is in the little moments.

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