Friday, July 20, 2012

Pack Rat attempts to save donkey...

It all started with the Brownie vest we had to find for a girl scout event tomorrow. Charli couldn't find the brownie vest underneath the massive pile of clothing, stuffed animals, clean folded laundry, and toys strewn about her room.  I knew opening the door to her bedroom was not going to be good but I am a brave soul.  I was determined not to determination lasted a grand total of 20 minutes.

Charli is a pack rat...she gets this from her father.  He saves check stubs from twenty years ago and it makes me insane.  The things I toss when those two aren't looking would amaze you.  I wasn't very clever in my movement to de-clutter this evening.  I had Charli choose between a stuffed penguin and a stuffed donkey.  I knew where the penguin came from, but the donkey...well I am certain it was from one of those slot machines or from Walmart.  I do not remember this donkey, though I was probably the idiot who bought it.  Charli was a sobbing mess pleading for the life of this cheap, stuffed, not even close to cute donkey.  I should also mention she forgot she even owned said donkey until I dug him out from his grave. I was livid.  She wouldn't decide so I made the decision for her.  The donkey is in the trash.  Charli my poor silly girl decided to make a swipe for the donkey, nearly toppling me over.  Her little antics went over like a ton of lead bricks.  I must say I did underestimate her bravery. 

In a last ditch effort to spare her precious possession she tried to barter for it.  I have had all the drama I could handle and sent her to bed.  She comes into my office and I told her she needed to close her mouth and go to bed.  She then says to me (I think she was channeling one of her little cousins) "I will cry until I get my donkey back!"  I said "Go ahead!  You can cry all night for all I care!  You are taking your life in your own hands and so help me if you do not go to bed right this instant, when you get home tomorrow afternoon all you will have in your room is your bed, your dresser and the carpet on your GO and goodnight, I love you!"  Charli has been asleep for about 20 minutes :)  Point Mommy - Charli Zero


  1. There is no more crying until they get thier toys back...their mommy threw a bunch of toys away. The new rule at our house works like this if they dont pick it up after they have been told to pick up their toys I will pick them up and then they dont get them back until they work for it, ...clean the living room , put their clothes away or anything else I might want them to do. On a side note if my husband dont leave me alone he is going to be crying because I will have smacked him in the head with the dang tv remote!!! Love you...great post 2night.

    1. You should be a writer, these are great I LMAO

  2. Thanks Norma...I am working on my book though I haven't written in several weeks. I am writing the story of our fertility journey and the things I went through while trying to concieve. It's will be a lighthearted look at what was a very difficult. I promise there will be plenty of laughs.