Monday, July 2, 2012

Lulu Bug and Possum

I am sitting in my office looking at a dress I bought for my youngest niece, for her birthday. While I listen to the rain outside, I let my eyes drift over hundreds of spools of ribbon and I am reminded my office is organized chaos. I am contemplating what kind of hair bow I shall create for my sassy little Lulu Bug. I am still stumped as to what to get my youngest nephew for his birthday...I am certain the Possum would not appreciate a hair bow.

Alyssa Marie is older than her brother Nicholas William by a whole 7 minutes. I remember the day they were born. Alyssa was so tiny and Nicky reminded me of a lil' old man. They were so incredibly precious. It has been a hoot to watch the twins grow up. Their little antics have been a great source of laughter for me, though I am certain not so much at times for their parents. It doesn't seem possible Alyssa and Nicky will officially turn 5 years old in less than 12 hours. The older I get the faster time seems to fly.

Happy Birthday Lulu Bug!
Happy Birthday Possum!
Aunt Kimmi loves you both very much and I am thankful that God blessed our family with your presence. You are both very loved and wonderfully rotten. xoxo

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