Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cookies and... spinach?!

I am a planner by nature.  I have a back up plan for plan B and I have no idea how I got this way. (I certainly didn't get it from anyone in my family...whom I adore especially if they are reading this blog).  I have come up with the most grand plans often forgetting to inform people around me...people like my husband.  It was on such an occassion that led to one of the most ridiculous arguments (though hysterical in hindsight) that we have ever had.

I was co-planning an annual cookie exchange last holiday season.  Last year we decided to have the cookie exchange on a Sunday afternoon.  I was so looking forward to an afternoon of sweets, savory treats and most of all spending time with an amazing group of girlfriends.

 Mark, Charli and I got up and got ready for church.  We were going to the early service otherwise we weren't going to make it to church at all.  I knew after church I was going to have just enough time to make my spinach and articoke dip and head off across town to my friend Lisa's.  I laid the spinach out on the counter to thaw, put my make-up on and we were off to church...our happy little family of three.  When we returned home, I rushed to change my clothes and headed to the kitchen.  I start looking high and low for my spinach...then it hit me!  The whole time I am thinking "No, he wouldn't"!  He couldn't have...ah, but yes...yes he did.  My well meaning husband put my spinach back in the freezer before we left for church.  I am boiling mad while trying to thaw the spinach under water.  I asked my amazing husband why he would do such a thing.  I am a smart woman and did he honestly think that if I set spinach out that I wouldn't have had a reason for it?!  Oh yes there was a lot of yelling that afternoon.  I am not proud of that but I am being honest.  On the bright side I made the dip and was fashionably late to the cookie exchange.  I didn't find humor in this story at all until a few weeks later.  We went to a Christmas party with these same group of friends and one of them bought Mark a box of frozen spinach.  We all laughed so hard.  The things my husband does often gives me laughter for the journey...even if it is a delayed reaction.


  1. thanks for posting this story...while i remember everyone giving Mark a hard time about it I had not heard the whole story.