Wednesday, August 29, 2012


There are some days I feel as though my life is a circus, and instead of being the ring master, I am the tight rope walker. Being a mom requires the ability to balance several things at once but being a working mom makes it that much harder. Mark and I are very settled into our roles as husband and wife and Mom and Dad. There are things that are Mark's job and things that are my job. Mark takes out the trash (eww), walks the dogs (they walk me), fixes the cars (Once I turned off the car engine to check the oil but pulled the transmission dipstick instead), mows the grass (It's not my thing), does dinner dishes (because I cook dinner), and cleans up after anything that spews; be it a 2 legged or 4 legged being. I do the grocery shopping, clothes shopping, (Mark hasn't bought his own underoos in over 14 years), plan all family getaways(to ensure we don't stay in a pay by the hour joint), menu plan and cook dinner (it's safer that way) and I handle anything and everything that has to do with Charli; from doctor visits, dental and orthodontist appointments,parent-teacher conferences, and all paperwork that has anything to do with Charli. It was impossible for me to be in two places at once this morning, so Mark took Charli to her 8AM orthodontist appointment. Before he left this morning I gave him a piece of paper to send in with Charli to the guidance office so she would be excused for her early check out from when she went to the orthodontist last week. Mark takes Charli to Dr. P and gives the sweet gal at the front desk the slip of paper to excuse Charli's absence. I don't think the lady at the check in desk carries that kind of power with the school district. I am not sure how he got "Please give the slip of paper excusing Charli's early checkout from the orthodontist, to the random lady sitting at the orthodontist check in desk upon your arrival." when I actually said "Send it into school with Charli so she can take it to the guidance office." I asked Mark if he got the "ticket stub" print out with her appointment time next week, and he said yes. I asked if he detached the half to send into the school so Charli would have an excused tardy and he said yes. I asked if he gave Charli the other slip to excuse her from last week and he says "The girl from the orthodontist office never gave it back to me." ??? Seriously??? He forgot that but went on and on about how cool Dr. P's office was, and the big screen and the movie theater seating. I think sometimes Mark must have that...I know I need to pay attention to what my wife says, squirrel thing going on. In the grand scheme of things it is not a big deal. I just thought it was rather funny. There is one thing for sure...on the days I feel like I am the tight rope walker I am certainly blessed to have my amazing husband as my safety net to catch me if I should lose my balance. He even went ahead and made Charli's orthodontist appointment for next week at 8AM. (She has to go once a week for the next four weeks to have her RPE (aka rapid pallet expander or mid evil torture device)progress checked. He assumed that since her appointment this week was at 8AM it would be fine for next week. I didn't bother to explain 8AM was the time they had open for this week but normally I would want it for after school so we don't use a semesters worth of tardies in the first month of school. I just called Dr. P's office and changed her appointment. I love being a wife and a mom...there is never a dull moment :D

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